International Summer School

La prima scuola estiva di alta formazione
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Youth America Grand Prix

Agosto 22-28 / Gala 28 Agosto 2021

Volta Mantovana (MN) - ITALY


An intensive advanced course in classical and contemporary dance that wants to give young dancers the opportunity to further their education in ballet and improve their technique. This course is addressed to students who have been studying for at least 2 years and between the ages of 9 and 19 years old and aims to give them the opportunity to work with directors of important internationally renowned academies. The course also includes the opportunity to perform auditions to give scholars the chance to be selected by the directors of the academies and to obtain scholarships.
Exclusively, for students it will be possible to be selected by Larissa e Gennadi Saveliev the founders and directors of YAGP, to have direct access to the most important events of YAGP in Europe and to the final of New York


International Summer School si concluderà con una serata di Gala il 28 agosto 2021 (29 in caso di pioggia) presso i Giardini di Palazzo Gonzaga  dove professionisti di fama mondiale danzeranno per regalare uno spettacolo di grande livello. Durante lo spettacolo anche gli allievi saranno presenti con una coreografia creata per loro durante la settimana. A fine serata avverrà la consegna delle borse di studio ed eventuali riconoscimenti.
Gala 2021 in onore di Carla Fracci 

Classes schedule

Students involved in the training course of the International Summer School will take part in professional lessons through an intensive program of:
  • Classical ballet technique
  • Pointe technique
  • Pas de deux technique
  • Men technique
  • Classical female and male repertoire
  • Contemporary dance
  • PBT: Progressive Ballet Technique
  • Choreographic workshop for Gala rehearsal
  • Private classes with the directors (e-mail for info)
  • During the week, teachers will rotate among the lessons in order for the students to give the chance of working with them closely.
    PRO Program:  2 session of private coaching with art directors. They will evaluate the student's preparation and future prospects and issue a evaluation board: a useful feedback to understand the student's level and any weaknesses and thus direct him/her towards the most suitable study path.

    Seminar for teachers

    Metodo Sava
    An innovative teaching approach that leads students to achieve maximum results in harmony with their psychic, physical, artistic and musical personality.
    Info and application:

    TBM Project Un proogramma pensato per combinare la teoria musicale e la sua applicazione pratica nel contesto dell’educazione alla danza che offre agli insegnanti di danza, le competenze musicali necessarie.
    Info and application:


    The appliactions will be opened between tra l’1 febbraio e il 30 Giugno  2021 , until places are available. To register, you will need to fill in the appropriate online form and send the bank transfer receipt to have 10 days to send the the receipt of the deposit transfer starting from the online application data, the remaining amount will have to be paid no later than 1 July 2021. To facilitate unaccompanied minors, every teacher or manager of a group of at least 10 students will have free board and lodging from the day of arrival to the day of the end of the course.

    Cast insegnanti

    The team of teachers is undoubtedly what distinguishes the experience of International Summer School, young dancers, will have the exclusive opportunity to study with the Directors of some of the most authoritative institutions in the ballet world and be selected to become part of some prestigious Academies.


    Artistic Director YAGP


    Zurich Dance Academy


    Artistic Director YAGP



    Princess Grace Academy


    Princess Grace Academy



    John Cranko School Stuttgart



    Staatliche Balletschule Berlino


    Stuttgart Ballett Ballett Master

    Lara Bogni


    Coreografa Internazionale

    Monica Sava


    Metodo Sava

    Erika Montagnoli


    Ganxhe arte danza

    Sandro Cuccuini


    TMB Project

    Ilenia Montagnoli

    Co-founder and art director of International Summer School

    Tommaso Renda

    Co-founder and art director of International Summer School

    Di Cicco

    Assistant to the management


    Managing director


    Volta Mantovana

    Located on the offshoot of the moraine hills towards the Po Valley, Volta Mantovana it is a noble country rich in history, with very ancient origins. The beautiful city located on the Morenic Hills is at the center of a wonderful area and offers the possibility to visit natural landscapes, in a few minutes you can reach Peschiera del Garda che affaccia sul meraviglioso Lake Gardaand it's close to the cities of Verona and to Mantua. Natural parks and evocative landscapes offer the possibility of spending a pleasant stay, in the spirit of relax, of culture and of fun. Volta Mantovana oggi è un borgo vivo e dinamico, in continua espansione, sede di importanti manifestazioni a livello nazionale come la Mostra Nazionale dei Vini Passiti e da Meditazione e A Volta per Star Bene, importante mostra-mercato dei prodotti enogastronomici delle Colline Moreniche.

    The dance studio

    Internatrional Summer School will take place at Ganxhe Arte Danza  in Volta Mantovana (MN). The building has been specially designed for dance, it's located on two floors and it has large rooms, changing rooms, showers, an outdoor garden and a big parking. A few meters from the dance school you can find bars and supermarkets.

    Ganxhe arte danza

    Via Lombardia, 8
    46049 Volta Mantovana (MN)
    Tel 0376-83378
    Fax 0376-83378


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