International Summer School

The first international Summer Dance School in collaboration with

Youth America Grand Prix

August 26-27-28-29-30-31 2019

Volta Mantovana (MN) - ITALY

Special guest for the Gala

Polina Semionova

Information for the forthcoming of the International Summer School will be avaiable from January 2020


International Summer School is an intensive course in classical and contemporary dance that aims to give young dancers the chance to further their education in ballet and improve their technique. This course is addressed to students who have been studying for at least 2 years and between the ages of 9 and 20 years and it sets the objective to allow young dancers to work with directors of important internationally renowned academies.

The course also includes auditions to give scholars the chance to be selected by the directors of the academies and to obtain scholarships.

Exclusively, for students it will be possible to be selected by Larissa e Gennadi Saveliev the founders and directors of YAGP, to have direct access to the most important events of YAGP in Europe and to the final of New York



International Summer School will end with a closing Gala night the 31 August 2019 at the Gardens of Palazzo Gonzaga  where worldwide renowned dancers will dance. At the Gala we will have the honor to have a special guest: Polina SemionovaDuring the show the students will also be present with a choreography created for them during the week. At the end of the evening, scolarships and prizes will be assigned.

Ballerini ospiti

Staats Ballett Berlin
Mikhail Kaniskin
Krasina Pavlova
Arshak Ghalumyan
Dinu Tamazlacaru

Balletto Nazionale Cuba
Arianne Lafita Gonzalvez
Vittorio Galloro

San Carlo di Napoli
Salvatore Manzo
Claudia D’Antonio

Madrina della serata  : Polina Semionova


Students involved in the training course of the International Summer School will take part in professional lessons through an intensive program of:

  • Classical ballet technique
  • Pointe technique
  • Men technique
  • Classical female and male repertoire
  • Contemporary dance
  • PBT: Progressive Ballet Technique
  • Choreographic workshop for Gala rehearsal
  • Theorical and practical seminar of music applied to dance

During the week, teachers will rotate among the lessons in order for the students to give the chance of working with them closely.

Masterclass with
Polina Semionova

Saturday 31 Augustthe participants of the International Summer School will have the possibility to attend a Masterclass held by the étoile Polina SemionovaFor the information about application and cost of the Masterclass, please send an e-mail to .

Seminar for teachers

International Summer School also offers a 5 lessons program to dance teachers.. Theoretical and practical seminar of Music applied to dance held by Sandro Cuccuini, helped by Alessandra D’Apice.

Teaching Ballet through Music is a workshop dedicated to the relationship between music and ballet, in which music and movement are analyzed in all modes of application: pedagogical, methodological and creative, both from theoretical and practical point of view

The artistic directors, to complete the training offer, decided to offer the course for free to all students of the International Summer School.

Workshop Metodo Sava

Training and updating project aimed at ballet teachers who choose to develop new skills to integrate and enhance their knowledge.
Innovative teaching methodology developed to support teachers in:

  • improvement of the anatomical structure of the scholars in the growth phase
  • overcoming the executive difficulties
  • technical and artistic quality development
  • creation and development of expressiveness.


Sarà possibile inviare le domande e registrarsi tra l’1 febbraio e il 30 maggio 2020 fino a esaurimento posti (l’evento è a numero chiuso, pertanto, sarà possibile registrarsi fino al raggiungimento del numero di partecipanti prestabilito). To register, you will need to fill in the appropriate online form and send the bank transfer receipt to la ricevuta del bonifico di acconto entro 10 giorni dalla registrazione, il restante ammontare andrà versato entro e non oltre il 15 luglio 2020.

Per agevolare gli alunni non accompagnati dai genitori, ogni insegnante o responsabile di un gruppo di almeno 15 allievi avrà vitto e alloggio gratuito dal giorno di arrivo al giorno di fine corso.


The team of teachers is undoubtedly what distinguishes the experience of International Summer School, young dancers, will have the exclusive opportunity to study with the Directors of some of the most authoritative institutions in the ballet world and be selected to become part of some prestigious Academies.


Gioia Masala

Teacher at the Princess Grace Academy


Marek Rózycki

Co-direttore artistico Staatliche Balletschule Berlino

luca masala

Luca Masala

Artistic director Princess Grace Academy


Gennadi Saveliev

Co-founder and art director YAGP


Leonid Nikonov

Teacher at Accademia Teatro alla Scala dance school


Larissa Saveliev

Co-founder and art director YAGP


Erika Montagnoli

PBT Teacher



Founder Sava Method


Sandro Cuccuini

Founder TBM Project


Pietro Salvaggio

Guest master pianist


Ilenia Montagnoli

Co-founder and art director of International Summer School
Balletto di Stato di Berlino


Tommaso Renda

Co-founder and art director of International Summer School
Balletto di Stato di Berlino


Volta Mantovana

Located on the offshoot of the moraine hills towards the Po Valley, Volta Mantovana it is a noble country rich in history, with very ancient origins. The beautiful city located on the Morenic Hills is at the center of a wonderful area and offers the possibility to visit natural landscapes, in a few minutes you can reach Peschiera del Garda che affaccia sul meraviglioso Lake Gardaand it's close to the cities of Verona and to Mantua.

Natural parks and evocative landscapes offer the possibility of spending a pleasant stay, in the spirit of relax, of culture and of fun. Volta Mantovana today is a lively and dynamic village, constantly expanding, home to important national events such as the National Exhibition of Passito Wines and 'A Volta per Star Bene', an important exhibition-market of wine and food products of the Morainic Hills.

The dance studio

Internatrional Summer School will take place at Ganxhe Arte Danza  in Volta Mantovana (MN). The building has been specially designed for dance, it's located on two floors and it has large rooms, changing rooms, showers, an outdoor garden and a big parking. A few meters from the dance school you can find bars and supermarkets.

Ganxhe arte danza

Via Lombardia, 8
46049 Volta Mantovana (MN)
Tel 0376-83378
Fax 0376-83378